February 29, 2020 Tim Birney

ALBANY — Waverly senior Ethan Stotler dropped a hard-fought decision in the semifinals, but bounced back for a fourth-place finish here Saturday afternoon in the 160-pound bracket at the New York State Division 2 Championships at the Times-Union Center.

“I am super-proud of Ethan,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman. “He came in here with a goal, and we didn’t quite get there, but that doesn’t take anything away from this tournament.

He did an awesome job (Friday), and he did a good job today.

“Ethan had an amazing season, and a great career, especially considering where he came from in 7th- and 8th-grade,” added Witman. “To place fourth here, in one of the toughest weight classes, is just awesome.”

Stotler, the 11th seed, dropped a 4-1 decision to second-seeded Eden senior Giovanni Schifano, in a match shrouded by a bit of controversy.

Schifano scored a takedown midway through the first period to take a 2-0 lead, and rode out the final 57 seconds of the period.

Schifano chose bottom to start the second period, and twice Stotler was penalized one point for an illegal slam on a mat return to extend Schifano’s lead to 4-1

Witman disagreed on both calls.

“It’s not a trapped arm if you don’t lock your hands,” said Witman. “The first time, he never left his feet, and (the official) called it an illegal slam, even though he returned him the way you’re suppose to. But, his head slapped off the mat and made it look worse than it was. I think that’s why they got the call.

“The second time is was a full-on lift and return to the shoulder, it wasn’t on top of the head,” he noted. “Everything was legal.

“Obviously the officials did not agree with me, and there’s nothing I could do about it, but I thought it was a poor job of officiating,” Witman added.

Witman notes it wasn’t just about the two points.

“It’s a huge change in the dynamics of the match,” he said. “It’s 4-0, instead of 2-0, and now we’re questioning whether we go top or bottom. It changes everything.”

Schifano rode Stotler for the majority of the third period, before the Waverly senior escaped for his only point in the match.

“(Schifano) was certainly tough on top,” said Witman. “If you’re going to wrestle at this level, you have to be able to get off the bottom.

“And, things certainly weren’t going our way with the calls,” he added.

In the consolation semifinals, Stotler ran into sixth-seeded Justin Smith of Marcus Whitman / Penn Yan. Stotler pinned Smith in 5:33 in the opening round.

After a scoreless first period, Smith scored a takedown 15 seconds into the second period, Stotler reversed him 25 seconds later to make it 2-2.

Stotler chose bottom to start the third period, and finally shook free from Smith with 6 seconds remaining for a 3-2 win.

“Ethan kept working hard on the bottom, and finally got his point,” said Witman.

In the third-place match, fifth-seed Andrew Englerth, who was 49-0 prior to a semi-final loss to top seed Jacob Null of Dolgeville, dominated Stotler in an 18-3 technical fall in 3:43.

“(Englerth’s) counters were on-point in that match,”” said Witman.

“Ethan got deep in on legs, and instead of following through, he was pulling back, and (Englerth) was able to suck in underhooks and take Ethan to his back three times,” added Witman.

Stotler wrapped up his senior season with a 44-3 record, and finished his career with 177 wins.

“It’s been him, to rebuild this program,” said Witman. “We get a lot of compliments on how far we’ve come, but really Ethan has to take a lot of that credit because he stuck with us when he was the only returning wrestler.

“He continued to get better year in, and year out,” added Witman. “Kids are going to follow that, he was a leader on our team for four years.”

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February 28, 2020 Tim Birney

ALBANY — After a slow start in his opening-round match, Waverly senior Ethan Stotler, the 11th-seed at 160 pounds, left little doubt in the quarterfinals of the 160-pound bracket, decking third-seeded Onteora junior Pat Ross in 67 seconds to advance to Saturday’s semifinals at the New York State Division 2 Championships at the Times-Union Center.

“Before he went out (on the mat), I told him ‘I need 12th-grade Ethan, not 8th-grade Ethan,’ and that’s what I got,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman.

“In the first match, he looked like 8th-grade Ethan for the first two periods, and I’ll attribute that to nerves,” he noted. “In the third period, though, he pulled it together.

“This time, he was cool, calm, and collected,” added Witman. “We were joking around while we were waiting for the opponent’s coach to get in the corner. Right then, I knew he was calmed down, and he was ready.”

The bout was delayed about five minutes while Ross waited for one of his coaches, who were busy coaching Ross’s brothers — junior Nick at 152 pounds, and senior Nate at 170 pounds — on two other mats.

Stotler made quick work of Ross, hitting on a takedown 24 seconds into the bout, and locking up a cradle, and maneuvering it into a fall at 1:07.

“He hit the shot right off the whistle, like he told me he was going to,” said Witman. “He didn’t get it, but nothing hurt.

“He hit one more, didn’t get it. Tried another, and it works. You just have to stay active, let them work — that’s what we drill for,” Witman added.

Witman noted Stotler was actually patient in getting to his cradle.

“Being on top, and getting that cradle is definitely something Ethan has become very good at.

“I knew (Ross) was pretty explosive off bottom,” said Witman. “(Ross) hit that switch, and Ethan’s arms are just so long he wrapped him up with that tight waist … once (Ross) starting turning in I knew it was time because that’s what Ethan is looking for. He wraps his long arms around his head and knee, and once he gets his hands locked there aren’t many people who can get out of that cradle.

“This one was a bit awkward,” noted Witman. “He didn’t get the cradle locked right away. He had the head and arm encircled and was pulling it to his knee. When he let go to try and get the leg, (Ross) kind of blasted into him a little, almost like a double.

“Ethan reacted really well, put pressure back into him, pulled the head to the knee, so he could lock up the cradle,” added Witman.

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February 28, 2020 Tim Birney

ALBANY — Waverly senior Ethan Stotler had faith in his cradle, and it paid off in a third-period pin of Marcus Whitman / Pen Yan senior Justin Smith in the opening round of the 160-pound bracket here Friday morning at the New York State Division 2 Championships at the Times-Union Center.

Smith, the sixth seed, scored a pair of first-period takedowns, and another midway through the second period to build a 6-1 lead.

Stotler, the 11th seed, scored a reversal with just 3 seconds remaining in the second period to trim the deficit to 6-3, and that seemed to spark the Waverly senior.

“He has incredible grit, you can never count him out,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman.

Stotler chose down to start the third period, and scored an escape to make it 6-4. Just nine seconds later, he scored on a double-leg takedown to tie the bout at 6-6, but was whistled for a “locked hands” violation to give Smith a 7-6 lead with 1:09 remaining.

Stotler chose not to cut Smith loose, instead he cinched up his cradle for a fall with 28 seconds remaining.

“Give credit to him, I asked him if we should take it back to the feet when we were down one … cut him to go down two and look for the takedown, but he shook his head no and said, ‘I’m gonna pin this kid,” and that’s exactly what he did,” said Witman.

“He knew where he was at, and where he’s at his best,” added Witman. “He had a minute to work and go after it, and he got it done.”

Witman noted the cradle is somewhat new to Stotler’s arsenal.

“He has really developed that move in the last year-and-a-half. He started working on it last year .. he’s doing a great job with it.

“His arms are so long, and he’s put in so much time in the weight room,” said Witman.

“Those arms are like anaconda coming around your neck,” added Witman. “I’ve been in that position, and it’s not pleasant.

Stotler, now 42-1, will now face Onteora junior Pat Ross (36-3) in the quarterfinals.

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February 15, 2020 Tim Birney

BINGHAMTON — Two years removed from finishing 24th in the 26-team field at the Section IV, Division 2 championships, Waverly had four place-finishers, led by 160-pound champ senior Ethan Stotler (see related story), to finish sixth here Saturday night at the Veterans Memorial Arena.

“Finishing sixth is awesome,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman. “To have four place-winners and finish sixth is a testament to the effort our parents put in, our club puts in, these kids put in, and my assistant coach (A.J. Aronstam) puts in to try and get Waverly back to where we were 10 years ago.

“It’s been that long, some people forget we were dominant 10 years ago, it wasn’t forever ago,” added Witman. “It takes a lot of work, but we still have parents, coaches, and wrestlers who are willing to put in the work. We’re going to continue to climb going forward.”

Tioga won its fourth consecutive Division 2 title with 217 points, edging out runner-up Windsor by 1.5 points, while Norwich was third with 147 points, BGAH was fourth with 144 points, Walton-Delhi was fifth with 97.5 points, Waverly tallied 83.5 points, and Newark Valley was seventh with 82.5 points.

Ethan Stotler, now 41-1 with 27 pins, won his title by registering an 18-1 technical fall of Greene-Oxford’s Paul Baker in the quarterfinals, and first-period pins of Newark Valley’s Connor Jacobson in the semifinals, and Windsor’s David Flora in the finals.

“Ethan was dominating today, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from him,” said Witman. “It’s his senior year, and he has a goal in mind.

“We knew today wasn’t that goal, it was just another step toward his ultimate goal,” he added.

Freshman Gage Tedesco and sophomore Garrett Skeens each finished third for the Wolverines, and freshman Connor Stotler recorded a fourth-place finish.

Tedesco, the fourth seed at 182 pounds, opened with a 10-6 win over fifth-seeded Evan Ticknor in the quarterfinals, then dropped an 8-3 decision to top-seeded Gabe Monroe of Windsor, who went on to win the weight class.

Tedesco dominated in wrestlebacks, registering a 45-second fall over Sidney’s Trevor Harrington in the consolation semifinals, and a pin of third-seeded Sammy Cole of Unatego / Unadilla Valley in 2:27 in the third-place match.

“Gage wrestled really well, even in the semifinals,” said Witman. “He took that loss against (Windsor’s Gabe) Monroe, but he wrestled Monroe so tough. I was proud of him even in that loss.

“Even though he’s a freshman, no one else in the tournament, other than the top two guys, were enough man for Gage.

“He gets after it,” added Witman. “He has his lulls on occasion, but once gets going, there’s no stopping him.”

Skeens, the third seed at 138 pounds, opened with a 14-5 major decision over SVEC’s Hunter Cleveland in the quarterfinals, then dropped a hard-fought, 4-0, decision to state-ranked Zach Harrington of Sidney.

In wrestlebacks, Skeens forged a 5-1 decision over Jeter Neff of Groton in the consolation semifinals, then edged highly-touted Lansing freshman Anthony McMillan, 7-6, in the third-place match.

“Garrett wrestled really well,” said Witman. “He moved up a weight class, and was giving up some weight to most of his opponents.

“You can tell Garrett’s been wrestling a long time because he has very good match awareness,” added Witman. “He knows where the points are, and what he has to do to get the job done. And in this situation, that’s what you need.”

Connor Stotler, the sixth seed at 106 pounds, dropped a 7-2 decision to third-seed Matt Laubach of Owego in the quarterfinals, but won three consolation-bracket bouts in a row to earn a rematch with the Owego junior.

Connor Stotler opened wrestlebacks with a pin of Unatego / Unadilla Valley’s Henry Barnes in 2:39, then topped Windsor’s Noah Taylor, 6-4.

In the consolation semifinals, Connor Stotler rolled over fourth-seeded Ethan Randis of Chenango Valley,13-6.

In the third-place match, Laubach scored a third-period fall over Stotler.

After posting an 8-10 record last year, Connor Stotler finished this season with a 23-21 record.

“He hit a turning point around the Oneonta Tournament in early January, when he realized he could go with some of the top guys in the Section,” said Witman.

“Last year, his season was cut short by a knee injury, and that’s something he’s been battling all year — it’s still giving him some issues,” added Witman. “He battles, and works hard. This was a great freshman season for him.”

Senior Rylan LaForest, and juniors Trevor Meyers and Austin Kimble each lost in the “blood round” — one win shy of placing.

“We had three lose in the blood round — that’s tough,” said Witman. “Rylan Laforest lost by a point, Austin Kimble lost by two points, and Trevor Meyers was right in his match until the third period.

“The best 10 kids in the Section are here, and those guys got to the 7th- and 8th-place matches,” he noted. “It’s a grind.

“All three of them really wanted it,” added Witman. “They wanted to place, it just didn’t work out for them today.”

Laforest, the sixth seed at 126 pounds, dropped a 12-4 major decision to Windsor’s Ryan Kennedy in the quarterfinals, but bounced back with a 6-2 decision over Newark Valley’s Mark Vosburgh.

In the blood round, Laforest dropped a 2-1 decision to Oneonta’s Jack Caruso.

“Rylan put his heart and soul into this season, and I feel for him,” said Witman. “It didn’t end the way he wanted it to, but if you look back over his four years, it was something special.

“To have just one win as a freshman, never having wrestled before, then putting together a pair of 20-win seasons and to come up just one win shy of placing at Sectionals two years in a row is really a testament to how hard he worked the last four years,” added Witman.

Kimble, the eighth seed at 152 pounds, opened with an 8-3 decision over ninth-seed Anthony Rotunda of Groton in the pigtail round..

In the quarterfinals, Kimble ran into longtime nemesis top-seeded Emmett Wood of Tioga, and was pinned in 2:49. Wood is 6-0 versus Kimble over the last three years, including a 3-0 mark this season.

In the blood round, Kimble dropped a 5-3 decision to Lansing’s Gabe Stevens.

Meyers, the 10th seed at 170 pounds, opened with a 10-2 major decision over Marathon’s Trevor Hurlburt in the pigtail round.

In the quarterfinals, Meyers was pinned by second-seed Cam Carrier of Newark Valley in 1:36. He dropped an 11-4 decision to Deposit-Hancock’s Jesse O’Donnell in the blood round.

“Fortunately for Trevor and Austin they have another year,” said Witman.

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February 15, 2020 Tim Birney

BINGHAMTON — A year after posting a 36-6 record as a Section IV runner-up and not receiving a wild card to the New York State Championships, Waverly senior Ethan Stotler took away any doubt with a “dominating” performance en route to the 160-pound title here Saturday night at the Section IV, Division 2 Championships at the Veterans Memorial Arena.

“Ethan was dominating today, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from him,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman.

“It’s his senior year, and he has a goal in mind,” added Witman. “We knew today wasn’t that goal, it was just another step toward his ultimate goal.”

Last year, five of Stotler’s six loss were to state qualifiers, including a season-ending loss to Tioga’s Austin Lamb — a 68-second fall in the Section IV 145-pound finals.

“That loss (and not getting a wild card) motivated me a lot,” said Stotler. “After I lost to (Austin Lamb) in the finals … it wasn’t how I wanted to finish, getting pinned in my last match.

“I worked really hard in the offseason with a few teams in the summer, and I came into the room this year and I’ve pushed myself as hard as I could,” he added.

Stotler opened his day with an 18-1 technical fall win in 3:50 over Greene-Oxford’s Paul Baker in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals, Stotler flattened Newark Valley Connor Jacobson in 22 seconds to advance to the finals, and a rematch of last week’s Qualifier B finals against Windsor’s David Flora.

Last week, Stotler won by fall in 47 seconds. Saturday, it took a little longer, but Stotler locked in the cradle for the fall at 1:27.

Flora came out of gate hot, however, with a double-leg blast that drove Stotler backward to his back. He was able to roll through it, and to his feet without allowing a takedown, then countered with his own double-leg for the initial takedown just 16 seconds into the bout.

“I was not expecting that right off the bat, for sure,” said Stotler. “I was going to do a fake, but he came right at me.

“After that I knew I had to be the bully, and push the match the way I wanted it to go,” he added.

Stotler said the cradle has been his go-to move.

“All year I’ve been able to dominate people with the cradle because of my long arms. As soon as I locked it up, I knew I had him,” said Stotler. “I got it as tight as I could get it, and I just slowly took him over.”

Stotler improves to 41-1 on the season with 27 pins. He is ranked fifth in the State, and his only loss came at the hands of the state’s top-ranked Division 1 160-pounder, Cooper Kropman of Penfield.

“He’s putting together a spectacular season, and it’s not over,” said Witman.

“Every year I’ve had him, he’s come back tougher, and that’s just a testament to his work ethic,” he noted. “He’s always putting in time in the summer, and in the weight room.

“He’s just a fantastic kid, and I’ve really enjoyed coaching him the last six years,” Witman added.

Stotler has lofty goals for his trip to States, which is held at the Times-Union Center in Albany on Feb. 28-29.

“My goal is definitely to make it to the finals, and then try to win it,” he said. “It’s my last year, I have to try to win it all.”

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February 8, 2020 Tim Taylor

WAVERLY — Ethan Stotler dominated the 160-pound weight class with three falls and Garrett Skeens racked up two first-period pins at 138 as the Waverly duo captured individual titles at the Section IV Division II Qualifier B tournament here today.

Ethan Stotler went 3-0 on the day, improved to 38-1 on the season and recorded his 170th career victory. He decked Owego's Matt Gatto in 1:12, then dispatched Noah Yadlosky of Windsor in 3:33 in the semifinals. He made quick work of Windsor's Dave Flora in the championship bout, sticking him with a near-side cradle just 47 seconds into the match.

Skeens moved up in weight and went 3-0 as well. He pinned M-E's Ryan David-Kadaronak in 1:32 before outpointing SVEC's Hunter Cleveland, 13-6, in the semis. It took Skeens just one minute flat to dispose of Whitney Point's Kristian Nilsen — and that included two takedown attempts. After going out of bounds on the first one, Skeens shot in on a deep single leg and scooped Nilsen's head and, as he pulled him to the mat, locked up the near-side cradle for the fall.

"They're both firing on all cylinders right now, " Waverly coach Devan Witman said. "Ethan, I've never seen him so dominant. He's been very dominant since Christmas really. Garrett is up a weight class from where he normally is and he's trying to adjust to that weight quickly because we've got the section tournament next weekend. He should get a pretty decent seed going into sectionals. It's all about trying to make that final."

Skeens will most likely draw the No. 4 seed behind Brady Worthing of Tioga, Sidney's Zach Harrington and Bobby Brotherton from Dryden, provided they held seed in the Qualifier A tourney. Ethan Stotler is will secure a No. 1 seed.

The Wolverines had two runners-up as well in Connor Stotler (106) and Austin Kimble (152).

Connor Stotler pinned Noah Taylor of Windsor in 3:15, then dropped a 12-5 decision to top-seeded Matt Laubach in the finals. Laubach looked like he might end the match early as he took Stotler down and cradled him for a 5-0 advantage, but Stotler fought off his back, then scored an escape and takedown to close the gap to 5-3. The pair exchanged points in the second period, then Stotler appeared to take Laubach to his back in the third. However, the Owego grappler managed to bridge off his back and put Stotler to his for a 5-point move.

Kimble started his day off with an exciting 9-5 decision over Hunter Ballard of Whitney Point, then pinned James Hoover of Windsor in 1:58. In the finals, he fell behind Joey Marvin, 9-0, but surprised the Norwich wrestler with a 5-point move, barely missing out on a fall. Marvin was able to score two 3-point near falls in the final period to pull away for an 18-7 win.

Also qualifying for next week's state qualifier were Gage Tedesco, third at 182, and Rylan LaForest, fourth at 126.

Tedesco posted a pair of falls against Owego's Mason Pratt and Tyler Benjamin in 3:52 and 2:23, respectively, and in between dropped a 13-2 major decision to eventual runner-up Mitch Knapp of Susquehanna Valley.

LaForest decisioned Oneonta's Jack Caruso, 6-5, but dropped major decisions to eventual champ Kyle Willard of Groton, 20-6, and M-E's Payton Bennett, 11-3.

Also competing for Waverly were sixth-place finishers Mason Ham at 113, Madison Yeakel at 120, Cole Stanton at 138 and Trevor Meyers at 170, as well as Lilyparker Evans (145) and Trent Skeens (285).

Meyers went 2-2 with a pin and major decision to his credit. Ham, Yeakel and Stanton each went 1-2 with a fall.

Windsor ran away with the team championship, scoring 270.5 points. Norwich was second with 188 and Waverly took third in the 12-team tourney with 151.

"We picked up a lot of bonus points," Witman said. "I was kind of expecting to get more through to the sectional tournament, but the ones we do have going through wrestled very, very well today, very tough, picking up points for us a long the way and I'm super proud of that group."

The top five place-winners in each weight class advance to the Section IV Division II Wrestling Championships at the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton Feb. 15.

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January 28, 2020 Tim Birney

CORNING — Waverly took advantage of a 12-point advantage in forfeits to post a 37-31 win over Corning here Tuesday night in non-league wrestling action.

With the win, the Wolverines finish the regular season at 12-10 — their first winning season since 2010-11 when they won the IAC regular-season title.

Waverly won the first six weight classes, including three forfeits, to take a 31-0 lead.

Junior Austin Kimble opened the match with a dominating performance in a 14-0 major decision over Jacob Rizkallah in their 152-pound bout.

After forfeits to Kaden Kipling and Ethan Stotler at 160 and 170 pounds, respectively, junior Trevor Meyers decked Shaun Scott in 66 seconds at 182 pounds.

At 195 pounds, Waverly freshman Gage Tedesco edged Camden McConnell, 5-4, in the ultimate tiebreaker.

Senior Trent Skeens received a forfeit at 285 pounds to make it 31-0.

Freshman Riley Walker put the Hawks on the scoreboard with an 8-7 win over freshman Connor Stotler at 99 pounds, then Waverly senior Madison Yeakel won her first bout of the season on the mat, pinning Taylor Allyn in 2:00 minutes to make it 37-3, and clinching the win for the Wolverines.

Corning won the final five weight classes, including three by fall and one by forfeit.

The only one of the final five bouts to go the distance saw Corning’s Charles Loucks forge an 8-0 major decision over sophomore Garrett Skeens, who was wrestling up a weight class at 138 pounds.

Waverly returns to action when it hosts the Section IV, Division II Qualifier B on Feb. 8.


152: Austin Kimble (W) major dec. Jacob Rizkallah (C), 14-0;
160: Kaden Kipling (W) by forfeit;
170: Ethan Stotler (W) by forfeit;
182: Trevor Meyers (W) over Shaun Scott (C), 1:06;
195: Gage Tedesco (W) dec. Camden McConnel (C), 5-4, ultimate tiebreaker;

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January 22, 2020 Tim Taylor

SPENCER — Illness and injury played a factor in the IAC Division 1 match between SVEC and Waverly here Thursday. Only seven of 15 weight classes were contested on the mat as the Eagles pulled out a 42-37 Senior Night victory.

The Wolverines won four head-to-head meetings which included first-period falls by Austin Kimble and Ethan Stotler at 152 and 170 pounds, respectively. However, they surrendered four forfeits while receiving three.

"Definitely, without a doubt a rough night," Waverly coach Devan Witman said. "We were missing a couple starters. Not making any excuses. I still felt we could have pulled this one out. We just simply didn't. We didn't wrestle in positions. We didn't wrestle through positions.

"I told the guys before, it was going to come down to pin or be pinned and, unfortunately, we came out on the bottom end of a lot of those situations."

"It really came down to the kids who went out and wrestled though," said SVEC coach Jesse Buck. "We had kids just coming back from injuries, had one practice ... one full, live practice, and they just went out and competed.

Even the wrestlers who may not have won, but kept their head together and kept scoring points impressed the coach.

"That's kind of what we preach," Buck said. "No matter what's going on, you've got to keep scoring points. Couldn't be more proud of them. Waverly's super tough, especially this year. Both of us had guys missing, so it was good to come away with a win, especially on senior night."

Waverly also received a major decision from Gage Tedesco at 195 while Garrett Skeens (138) pulled out a hard-fought 5-4 decision over Hunter Cleveland in the bout of the night.

Despite being ill, Skeens took the mat against Cleveland, who was returning from an injury which sidelined him for 26 days. Cleveland scored the initial takedown, but Skeens turned the tables with a Peterson roll which gave him a reversal and near fall point for a 5-2 advantage. Cleveland picked up a reversal in the second period to cut the lead to 5-4. He attempted a single-leg takedown with 20 seconds remaining in the match, but Skeens held him off for the win.

The night began at 182 with Waverly's Trevor Meyers going ahead of Nick Tubbs, 2-0. A locked hands violation and an escape by Tubbs tied the score heading into the second period. About 1 1/2 minutes into the period, Meyers went to a leg ride as Tubbs was raising his haunches. Meyers got out of position and Tubbs was able to pull his head over far enough to put his shoulder blades to the mat for a pin at 3:41.

The bout at 195 was exciting early on as the Wolverines' Gage Tedesco took Joe Campolito down to his back on the edge of the mat for a 4-0 lead. However, Campolito worked a reversal and three-point near fall to go ahead, 5-4. Before the first period would end, Tedesco would work a reversal to grab a 6-5 edge. Campolito evened the score with an escape early in the second period, but after that it was all Tedesco. He tallied a pair of takedowns and two three-point near falls to pick up a 16-6 major.

Anthony Speer received a forfeit at 220, giving SVEC the lead for good at 12-4 and John Hammond (285) picked up his fifth consecutive fall to make it 18-4.

Hammond, who won an IAC title last weekend, picked up five takedowns before scoring the pin over Trent Skeens in 5:21. Twice, Skeens put headlocks on Hammond and took him to his back, but the SVEC grappler turned them into roll-throughs to escape any danger.

"He's just building confidence and that's the best thing we can do for him, especially just being a sophomore right now," buck said. "The more wins he can get against these opponents lets him know he's right there with everybody."

The next six weights were forfeits, going to the Eagles' Wyatt Stouffer (99), Kamren Lehman (120) and Ousmane Duncanson (132), and Waverly's Connor Stotler (106), Madison Yeakel (113) and Rylan Laforest (126).

Following the Skeens-Cleveland battle, SVEC's David Knickerbocker pinned Cole Stanton in 3:47 at 145 and the Wolverines' Kimble dispatched Jacob Boda in 57 seconds.

There was no match at 160, then Stotler, who also won an IAC title Saturday, picked up his 30th consecutive victory with a fall over Devin Beach in 1:48. Beach took him to his back for a split second late in the period, but Stotler pulled off a nice hip heist to avoid any trouble. Stotler is now 34-1 on the season with 22 pins.

Waverly, 10-8 overall, ends division action at 2-3 and will visit Corning for a non-league match Tuesday. SVEC, 10-7 overall, finishes 3-2 in the division and will travel to Horseheads for a non-leaguer Feb. 4.

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January 18, 2020 Tim Birney

WAVERLY — Senior Ethan Stotler won his second league title, freshman Connor Stotler was a runner-up, and three Wolverine grapplers earned third-place finishes to lead Waverly to third place in the team standings here Saturday at the IAC Championships.

Seniors Trent Skeens and Rylan Laforest, and junior Trevor Meyers each finished third for the Wolverines, while junior Austin Kimble and freshman Mason Ham recorded fourth-place finishes.

“Today definitely wasn’t our best day,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman.

“There were some guys who wrestled well, and I think wrestled at or above their ability, and then there were some guys I don’t think wrestled to their ability.

“Now, we have to see what we did right, and what we did wrong, and get back at it,” he added.

Stotler, who has five career top-three finishes in these tournaments, was the top seed, and showed why.

“Ethan was dominant,” said Witman. “He’s looking well past IACs and the qualifier. He has goals in mind, and he’s taking every opportunity when he steps on the mat to get better and better.”

Connor Stotler won his first three bouts before falling to state-ranked Caden Bellis of Tioga in his round-robin bracket.

“Connor wrestled really well today,” said Witman. “He ran into a hammer in the No. 2 ranked kid in the state in (Caden) Bellis, but overall Connor is coming around.

“He’s setting up his shots a lot better, and getting to his finishes,” he added. “He’s going to be one to watch coming down the stretch.”

Trent Skeens, who was the top seed, lost in the semifinals, but wrestled back for third.

“Trent is another one who is getting better every time out. You can see he wants to get better in the room, and it’s showing on the mat,” said Witman.

106 pounds: Connor Stotler was 3-1 on the day, with all three of his wins coming via first-period fall, to finish second in the round-robin bracket.

He opened his day with a 38-second decking of Edison’s Kaleb Bower, then pinned O-M / Watkins Glen’s Morgan Burnham in 1:30.

In his third match, Connor Stotler flattened Lansing’s Jacob Hall in 36 seconds.

In a battle of unbeatens in round four, Tioga’s state-ranked Caden Bellis pinned Stotler in 2:35 to take home the title.

113 pounds:
Ham was 2-2 on the day to finish fourth in the weight class, while senior Madison Yeakel was 0-2.

Ham was pinned by Marathon’s Edmond Rapp in the quarterfinals, but bounced back with a pin of Yeakel in 4:55, and a pin of O-M / Watkins Glen’s Brandon Davis in 4:54 in his first two wrestleback bouts.

In the third-place match, Rapp bested Ham again, scoring a fall in 1:31.

126 pounds: Laforest was 3-1 on the day to finish third in a tough 126-pound bracket.

Laforest opened with a pin of O-M / Watkins Glen’s Gabe Williams in 1:29 in the quarterfinals, but fell victim to state-ranked Kyle Willard of Groton in the semifinals, dropping a 15-5 major decision.

Laforest bounced back in the consolation semifinals with a pin of Dryden’s RJ Belanger in 4:07, then beat Moravia’s Nate Eberhardt via fall in 2:32 in the third-place match.

132 pounds: Sophomore Garrett Skeens, the fifth seed, was 3-2 on the day to finish fifth in a “stacked” 132-pound bracket.

“That’s an insane bracket for a league tournament,” said Witman. “To be six-deep with Sectional place-winners, and kids who are ranked in the State shows that our league is still pretty competitive at some weights, and 132 is definitely one of them.

“A lot of those matches were close, and could have gone either way,” noted Witman. “It did live up to its seeding, but it very easily could have gone other ways.”

Garrett Skeens opened with a pin of SVEC’s Tyler Knickerbocker in 1:27, but dropped a 9-3 decision to fourth-seed Sam Dow of Dryden in the quarterfinals.

Garrett Skeens bounced back in the consolation bracket with a pin Lansing’s Anthony McMiller in 1:39.

In the consolation semifinals, Garrett Skeens dropped a 9-0 major decision to third-seed Osumane Duncanson of SVEC. Skeens was a winner in the fifth-place match in a “no contest” over Tioga’s Justin Hopkins, who reached his limit of five matches on the day.

“Garrett (Skeens) wrestled with his head up, and went after it for three periods,” said Witman. “He’s starting to get after it more in his matches.

“If Garrett keeps up his intensity, and keeps working hard in the room, I think he gets some of these matches coming down the stretch,” he added.

138 pounds: Sophomore Cole Stanton went 2-3 on the day to finish fifth.

In the quarterfinals, Stanton was knocked into the consolation bracket via first-period fall against Dryden’s Bobby Brotherton.

Stanton rebounded in the wrestlebacks with a 27-second decking of Whitney Point’s Grant Smith, and a pin of Marathon’s Tim Morehouse in 3:34.

In the consolation semifinals, Stanton lost via fall to O-M / Watkins Glen’s Dominick Fazzary. Stanton also lost via fall in the fifth-place match to SVEC’s David Knickerbocker.

145 pounds: Waverly freshman Lilyparker Ennis was 0-2 on the day.

152 pounds: Kimble was 2-2 on the day to finish fourth in the 152-pound bracket.

Kimble opened with a pin of Gorton’s Shane Smith in 5:18 in the quarterfinals, but Tioga state-ranked Emmett Wood pinned Kimble in 1:52 in the semifinals.

Kimble bounced back in the consolation semifinals with a 5-1 decision over Dryden’s Chis Combs, then dropped a 6-4 decision to Lansing’s Gabe Stevens in the third-place match.

160 pounds: Ethan Stotler was dominant in posting a 3-0 record to win the 160-pound weight class.

He opened the day with a pin of Moravia’s Trenton Wells in 60 seconds in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals, Ethan Stotler posted a 17-3 major decision over Whitney Point’s Killian Prentice.

In the finals, Stotler scored another major decision, topping Newark Valley’s Connor Jacobson, 14-1.

Stotler is 27-1 on the season, and ranked fourth in the State.

170 pounds: Meyers was 4-1 on the day to finish third in the 170-pound bracket.

Meyers opened with a 17-2 technical fall of Moravia’s Garrett Kuhn, then pinned Tioga’s Josh Snell in 63 seconds in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals, Dryden’s Vincent Scott locked in a cradle for a pin of Meyers in 2:49.

In the consolation semifinals, Meyers topped SVEC’s Nick Tubbs, 6-2, then pinned Marathon’s Trevor Hurlbert in 2:36 in the third-place match.

285 pounds: Trent Skeens was 3-1 on the day, with all three victories coming via first-period falls, to finish third, while junior Kam Peters was 2-2 to finish fifth.

Trent Skeens opened the day with a 34-second decking of Edison’s Spencer Meriwether, but came up on the bottom on a “big man’s roll” against Marathon’s Quinton Sengsounthone, losing by fall in 50 seconds.

“(Trent) has to wrestle smart. He’s at 285, not at 195 or 220 anymore,” said Witman. “You get caught in those rolls, and it’s tough to roll through a third time when you have 285 pounds on top of you.”

In the consolation semifinals, Trent Skeens pinned Peters in 1:41, then flattened Groton’s Demetry Brooks in 50 seconds in the third-place match.

Peters was pinned by Brooks in 69 seconds in his first bout, but bounced back with a pin of Marathon’s Logan Jamison in 2:41 in his first wrestleback bout.

After his loss to Skeens in the consolation semis, Peters pinned Moravia’s Donald Garrow in 26 seconds in the fifth-place match.

Waverly travels to SVEC Wednesday.

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January 15, 2020 Tim Birney

TOWANDA — On a night full of falls, Towanda registered the majority of them and, aided by three forfeits, recorded a 58-24 win over Waverly here Wednesday night in non-league wrestling action.

The Black Knights notched four pins, compared to four for the Wolverines, and also received three forfeits from the visitors.

Skyler Allen and Joe Vanderpool opened the night with pins for the Black Knights at 138 and 145, respectively, to give them a 12-0 lead.

In the only bout to go a full six minutes, Towanda’s Evan Johnson forged a 12-4 major decision over junior Austin Kimble to up the advantage to 16-0.

Waverly standout senior Ethan Stotler put the Wolverines on the scoreboard with a pin of Will Bowen in 1:00 at 160 pounds to trim the deficit to 16-6.

After a pin by Towanda’s Spencer Jennings at 170 pounds, Waverly junior Trevor Meyers pinned Jasiek Zalewski in 2:29 in the 182-pound bout to make it 22-12.

Consecutive Waverly forfeits at 195 and 220, a pin by Towanda heavyweight Alex Perez, and another Waverly forfeit at 106 gave the Black Knights an insurmountable 46-12 lead.

Tyler Hawley and MyKee Nowell added falls for the Knights at 113 and 120 to stretch the lead to 58-12.

Senior Rylan Laforest snapped Towanda’s win streak with a 30-second fall over Garrett Chapman at 126 pounds, and sophomore Garrett Skeens closed out the match with a pin of Wyatt Delamater in 2:28 at 132 pounds.

Waverly returns to action Saturday at the IAC Championships at Waverly.


138: Skyler Allen (T) by fall over Cole Stanton (W), 2:36;
145: Joseph Vanderpool (T) by fall over Lilyparker Ennis (W), 0:24;
152: Evan Johnson (T) major dec. Austin Kimble (W),12-4;
160: Ethan Stotler (W) by fall over Will Bowen (T), 1:00;
170: Spencer Jennings (T) by fall over Kaden Kipling (W), 1:23;
182: Trevor Meyers (W) by fall over Jasiek Zalewski (T), 2:29;
195: Clay Watkins (T) by forfeit;
220: Aaron Herlt (T) by forfeit;
285: Alex Perez (T) by fall over Trent Skeens (W), 3:30;
106: Shane Atwood (T) by forfeit;
113: Tyler Hawley (T) by fall over Connor Stotler (W), 1:00;
120: MyKee Nowell (T) by fall over Mason Ham (W), 2:37;
126: Rylan LaForest (W) by fall over Garrett Chapman (T), 0:30;
132: Garrett Skeens (W) by fall over Wyatt Delamater (T), 2:28.

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January 11, 2020 Tim Birney

MONTGOMERY — Senior Ethan Stotler and freshman Gage Tedesco won individual titles, and senior Trent Skeens was a runner-up to lead Waverly to a fourth-place finish here Saturday at the MATness at the MAAC.

Sophomore Garrett Skeens was a third-place finisher for the Wolverines, while juniors Trevor Meyers and Austin Kimble, and freshman Connor Stotler were each fourth-place finishers.

Sophomore Jake Bennett and junior Jordan Goodrich both recorded third-place, and freshman Layla Bennett was a fourth-place finisher for Sayre.

Wyoming Valley West won the team title with 149 points, while Jersey Shore was second with 144 points, Montgomery was third with 141 points, and Waverly tallied 124 points. Sayre finished 10th with 46 points.

At 106 pounds, Connor Stotler posted a 2-3 record on the day to finish fourth.

After losing his first two bouts to the top two seeds, Connor Stotler pinned Upper Dauphin’s Noah Smith in 3:30. He caped his day with a pin of third-seed Tyler Budman of Mechanicsburg in 5:10.

At 113 pounds, Layla Bennett was 2-3 on the day to finish fourth, while Waverly freshman Mason Ham was 0-5 on the day.

Both of Layla Bennett’s wins came against Ham. She pinned him in 2:52 in their first bout, then forged a 10-4 decision in the third-place match.

At 120 pounds, Sayre sophomore Cam McCutcheon was 2-3 on the day, and Waverly senior Madison Yeakel was 0-5.

McCutcheon’s two wins came against Yeakel. He pinned her in 47 seconds in the final bout of pool play, then pinned her in 47 seconds in the seventh-place match.

At 126 pounds, Waverly senior Rylan Laforest was 2-3 to finish seventh.

After losing his first three matches, Laforest pinned Wyoming Area’s Adam Sigman in 1:37. In the seventh-place match, Laforest pinned Sugar Valley’s Gavin Hampton in 3:26.

At 132 pounds, Garrett Skeens, the top seed, was 3-1 on the day to finish third, while Sayre junior Jake Burgess was 0-4.

He opened his day with a pin of Wyoming Area’s Nick Ross in 1:47, but dropped a 10-4 decision to Callahan Johnson of Mechanicsburg in his second bout.

Garrett Skeens bounced back with a pin of fourth-seed Zander Ramakes of Wyoming Valley West in 25 seconds.

In the third-place match, he decked third-seed Hunter Leet of Montgomery in 65 seconds.

At 138 pounds, Waverly sophomore Cole Stanton was 1-4, and Sayre junior Bobby Benjamin was 0-4.

Stanton’s lone win was a pin of Benjamin in 1:11 in pool play.

At 145 pounds, Waverly freshman Lilllyparker Ennis was 0-5 on the day.

At 152 pounds, Jake Bennett, the fourth seed, finished 4-1 on the day to finish third, while Austin Kimble, the third seed, was 2-2 to finish fourth.

Jake Bennett opened the day with a pin of Mechanicsburg’s Zach Lamancusa in 25 seconds, then decked Salisbury Township’s Toby Linn in 1:36.

After pinning Upper Dauphin’s Kade Matter in 1:44, Jake Bennett dropped a 14-5 major decision to top seed Devon Deem of Montgomery in his final pool play match.

In the third-place match, Jake Bennett topped Austin Kimble, 10-1.

Kimble opened pool play with a 62-second fall of Wyoming Area’s Tom Collins, then forged a 22-9 major decision over Wyoming Valley West’s Matt Giza.

In his final pool play match, Kimble dropped a 19-6 major decision to second-seed Tyler Bauder of Jersey Shore.

At 160 pounds, Ethan Stotler went 5-0 to win the 160-pound crown, while Sayre junior Josh Wilson was 1-3 to finish sixth.

Ethan Stotler won his first three bouts in pool play by fall. He decked Wyoming Valley West’s Cole Williams in 43 seconds, then flattened Mechanicsburg’s Michal Lamancusa in 54 seconds. He capped the run of pins with a 64-second fall of Upper Dauphin’s Connor Dreibelbis.

In his final pool play match, Ethan Stotler topped fourth-seed Kaide Drick of Montgomery, 9-1.

In the title bout, Stotler earned a hard-fought, 4-2, win over third-seed Haidyn Packer of Jersey Shore.

Wilson’s lone win was a fall of Sugar Valley’s Gavin Vonada in 5:10.

At 170 pounds, Meyers went 3-2 on the day to finish fourth.

Meyers, the top seed, opened with a pin of Sugar Valley’s Kyle Stahl in 1:43, and followed it up with a pin of Wyoming Area’s Richie Hizynski in 3:48.

Meyers improved to 3-0 with a 10-6 decision over Wyoming Valley West’s Jason Pearson, but dropped a 13-3 major decision to fourth-seed Ben Krauss of Salisbury Township in his final pool play match.

In the third-place match, Meyers dropped a 6-2 decision to third-seed Steven Heck of Upper Dauphin.

At 182 pounds, Tedesco was 5-0, including four pins, to win the title, while Sayre junior Gavin Rucker was 0-3.

Tedesco, the top seed, opened with a pair of first-period falls. He pinned Rucker in 68 seconds in his first bout, then decked Sugar Valley’s Corey King in 1:42. In his final match of pool play, Tedesco pinned Montgomery’s Ben Marino in 2:25.

In the semifinals, Tedesco pinned second-seed Garrett Buckbee of Mechanicsburg in 2:34.

In the finals, Tedesco forged a 9-1 major decision over third-seed Jaden Swainbank.

At 195 pounds, Goodrich, the sixth seed, was 1-2 to finish third in the four-man bracket.

Goodrich’s lone win came against second-seed Luis Rivera of Wyoming Valley West via pin fall in 1:57.

At 220 pounds, Trent Skeens went 3-1 to finish second, and Sayre sophomore Nik Polzella was 2-2 to finish fifth.

Trent Skeens, the second seed, opened with a pin of Polzella in 1:12, then pinned Jersey Shore’s Seth Webb in 1:35. He finished pool play with a pin of Mechanicsburg’s Malaki Ayala.

In the finals, Trent Skeens lost via fall to Meadowbrook Christian’s Gunner Treibley.

Polzella lone win in pool play win was a fall of Ayala in 1:56.

In the fifth-place match, Polzella pinned Wyoming Valley West’s Donald Messersmith in 1:07.

Waverly returns to action Wednesday in a non-league match-up at Towanda, while Sayre travels to Troy.

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January 8, 2020 Tim Birney

WAVERLY — State-ranked Tioga won the first nine weight classes, rolling out to a 49-0 lead en route to a 61-21 win over Waverly here Wednesday night in IAC Large School Division wrestling action.

The Tigers, ranked second in the State in Division 2, racked up bonus points  — with five falls, a technical fall, and two major decisions — in the first eight contested bouts from 106 through 152 pounds.

“We looked really good tonight down low,” said Tioga coach Kris Harrington.

“It was nice to have a full line-up tonight, wth guys coming back off injury,” he noted. “It was good to have nearly every weight filled. We did give up 160, but I wasn’t going to put a first-year wrestler out there in his first varsity match against Ethan Stotler.

“We’re not a finished product yet, but we’re starting to get there,” added Harrington.

Waverly coach Devan Witman knew his team faced a tough challenge.

“Without a doubt, they are stacked in the lower weights, but we threw in some fights down there,” said Witman. “It’s going to look really bad in the box score, but anyone who was here could see our guys were here for a fight.

“Our kids know how good Tioga is, but they weren’t scared. They came out and wrestled hard,” he added.

After 8th-grader Gianni Silvestri received a forfeit at 99 pounds to give the Tigers a 6-0 lead, his classmate Caden Bellis forged a 17-1 technical fall over Waverly freshman Connor Stotler, securing the decisive near-fall points at the final buzzer.

Freshman Emily Sindoni scored the quickest fall of the night for Tioga, dumping senior Madison Yeakel to her back, and finishing off the fall in 23 seconds to make it 17-0 after the 113-pound bout.

“Emily is really talented, and she has her weight under control now,” said Harrington. “I think she’s a threat to place in the Section this year.”

At 120 pounds, freshman Donovan Smith kept it rolling for the Tigers, decking freshman Mason Ham in 65 seconds to extend the lead to 23-0.

Sophomore Mason Welch scored a reversal and two near-fall points at the final buzzer to secure a 13-4 major decision over Waverly senior Rylan Laforest at 126 pounds to make it 27-0.

In the match of the night, Tioga senior David MacWhinnie trailed 9-3 late in the first period, but rallied to win a 21-10 major decision over sophomore Garrett Skeens.

Garrett Skeens scored the initial takedown and a pair of near-fall points to take a quick 4-0 lead, but MacWhinnie countered with an escape and a takedown to cut the deficit to 4-3.

Skeens then scored a reversal and three near-fall points with a power-half to take a 9-3 lead, but MacWhinnie trimmed the deficit to 9-5 after the first two minutes with a late reversal.

MacWhinnie escaped from the bottom early in the second period then took a 10-9 lead with a five-point late in middle two minutes.

MacWhinnie dominated the third period with two takedowns, and five near-fall points.

“David (MacWhinnie) is knocking the rust off, that was a wild first period between two talented wrestlers,” said Harrington. “But, you look at the next four minutes and he dominated it.

“He’s rounding back into shape,” noted Harrington. “I like where he’s at now, but once he gets down to 128, he’s going to be dangerous.”

Witman said Garret Skeens wasn’t quite at 100 percent.

“Garrett hasn’t been out of our line-up, but he has been battling some illness,” he said. “Give credit where credit is due, he hasn’t missed a practice or a match.

“Once he gets completely healthy, I think you’ll see a different Garrett Skeens down the stretch,” added Witman.

Tioga seniors Jacob Welch and Brady Worthing made quick work of their opponents at 138 and 145 pounds, respectively, notching first-period pins to make it 43-0. Welch won in 33 seconds, and Worthing in 1:35.

Sophomore Emmett Wood finished off Tioga’s match-opening streak with a pin of junior Austin Kimble in 2:37 at 152 pounds.

After Ethan Stotler received a forfeit at 160 pounds to put the Wolverines on the board, sophomore Andrew Kimble gave Waverly its first win of the night on the mat, with a pin of junior Ethan Agan in 53 seconds to trim the deficit to 49-12.

At 182 pounds, Waverly junior Trevor Meyers then matched the quickest fall of the night, flattening sophomore Josh Snell in 23 seconds.

Freshman Gage Tedesco finished off Waverly’s win streak at 195 pounds, with a hard-fought 6-0 decision over senior Aaron Howard to make it 49-21.

After senior Jared Lamb received a forfeit at 220 pounds to put Waverly back on the winning track, senior Dom Wood fought off his back to score a fall over Waverly senior Trent Skeens in 3:15 in the 285-pound bout.

Harrington said Dom Wood, normally a 220-pounder, chose to wrestle instead of taking a forfeit.

“At weigh-ins, Dom found out there was no 220-pounder (for Waverly),” said Harrington. “He asked if he could go up. I like the fact he didn’t want a forfeit, and was willing to step up and take on a solid 285-pounder.”

Witman said a brief lapse cost Trent Skeens a chance at a win.

“At this point, Trent is wrestling well,” he said. “He’s just not wrestling well for six minutes yet.

“Those few seconds where he’s not wrestling well is where he gets caught,” added Witman. “If we can get him to put six minutes together, he’s going to be OK.”

In exhibition, Tioga’s Trevor Shedden pinned Lilyparker Ennis in 4:47 in a 145-pound bout, and Tioga’s Cole Williams decked Kam Peters in 1:38 in a 285-pound bout.

Tioga returns to action this weekend at the Robert Bradshaw Tournament in Canandaigua, while Waverly is in action at the Matness at the MAAC in Montgomery, Pa.

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January 7, 2020 Tim Birney

SAYRE — Waverly used five first-period falls and three forfeits to post a 48-21 win over Sayre here Tuesday night in non-league wrestling action.

“Our top guys did what they were suppose to do. They wrestled well and got the wins for us,” said Waverly coach Devan Witman.

“Some of our other guys were victims of a poor warm-up, and not being ready to go,” he added.

“We had some kids wrestle well, but there were a couple of matches I thought would go the other way,” said Sayre coach Ralph Warner.

“We have two kids out with the flu, and we’re still having some problems with weights, so we’re really bumping just about everyone up,” added Warner.

Sophomore Cameron McCutcheon gave the Redskins an early 5-0 lead with a 15-3 major decision win over Waverly freshman Mason Ham.

“Cam wrestled well,” said Warner. “He was in control for the entire match.”

After Waverly senior Rylan Laforest received a forfeit to give the Wolverines a 6-4 lead, which it would never relinquish, sophomore Garrett Skeens decked junior Jake Burgess in 62 seconds to make it 12-4.

Sophomore Cole Stanton then won a “toss-up” match for the Wolverines, catching junior Bobby Benjamin in a headlock and finishing off the fall at 51 seconds to give the Wolverines an 18-4 lead.

“That headlock .. (Cole) bates people into it,” said Witman. “We’re working some other stuff with Cole, he can’t be a one-trick pony, but that one trick right now is working out for him, especially in the spotlight, these dual meets.”

Sophomore Jake Bennett put the Redskins back on track with a 15-0 technical fall of Waverly junior Austin Kimble at 152 pounds to trim the deficit to 18-9.

“Jake Bennett has been working hard. He wrestled a good match,” said Warner.

“(Austin) Kimble has been wrestling well, he placed second at (Oneonta) last weekend,” added Warner. “It’s a good win for Jake.”

Senior Ethan Stotler returned the momentum to the Wolverines at 160, with a 23-second fall over Josh Wilson to make it 24-9.

After sophomore Andrew Kimble received a forfeit at 170 pounds, junior Trevor Meyers scored a 50-second fall at 182, and freshman Gage Tedesco registered a fall in 1:49 at 195 pounds to give the Wolverines a 42-9 lead.

Sayre sophomore Nik Polzella put the Redskins back on the board with a second-period fall at 285, and freshman Layla Bennett scored a first-period fall at 113 pounds for Sayre’s final win of the night.

“Nik and Layla both wrestled well,” said Warner.

Waverly and Sayre return to action Saturday at “Matness at the MAAC” at Montgomery H.S.


120: Cam McCutcheon (S) major dec. Mason Hamm (W), 15-3;
126: Rylan Laforest (W) by forfeit;
132: No match;
138: Garrett Skeens (W) by fall over Jake Burgess (S), 1:02;
145: Cole Stanton (W) by fall over Bobby Benjamin (S), :51;
152: Jake Bennett (S) tech. fall over Austin Kimble (W), 15-0 @ 5:20;
160: Ethan Stotler (W) by fall over Josh Wilson (S), :23;
170: Andrew Kimble (W) by forfeit;
182 Trevor Meyers (W) by fall over Donny Abrams (S), :50;
195 Gage Tedesco (W) by fall over Jordan Goodrich (S), 1:49;
220: No match;
285: Nik Polzella (S) by fall over Trent Skeens (W), 2:44;
106: Connor Stotler (W) by forfeit;
113: Layla Bennett (S) by fall over Madison Yeakel (W), 1:11.

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January 4, 2020 Tim Birney

ONEONTA — Senior Ethan Stotler won Waverly’s lone title, and junior Austin Kimble was a runner-up, while three of their teammates also reached the podium in an eighth-place finish here Saturday at the 31st annual Oneonta Rotary Ross Kordell Tournament.

Sophomore Garrett Skeens finished third for the Wolverines, while junior Trevor Meyers was fifth, and freshman Connor Stotler placed sixth.

Burnt Hills, a Division I program from Section II, won the team title with 208.5 points, despite not having an individual champion, edging out runner-up BGAH by two points. Chenango Forks finished third with 142.5 points, while Section III Carthage was fourth with 139.5 points, and fifth-place Athens tallied 128.5 points. Waverly tallied 96 points.

After registering a pair of falls Friday night, Stotler advanced to the finals with a 47-second fall over Unadilla Valley-Unatego’s Jarrett Thayer in the semifinals.

In the finals, Stotler forged a 9-3 decision over Sherburne-Earlville’s Morgan Lakin, who reached the finals with three first-period pins.

At 152 pounds, Austin Kimble, who reached the semifinals with a pair of pins Friday night, forged an 11-1 decision over Duanesburg-Schoharie’s Shayne Chiofalo to advance to the finals.

In the title match, Chenango Valley’s Cole Volpe pounded out a 14-5 major decision over Austin Kimble.

At 132 pounds, Garrett Skeens lost via fall to Burnt Hills’ Sam Lindberg in the semifinals, but bounced back with back-to-back first-period pins to finish third.

In the consolation semifinals, Garrett Skeens decked Unadilla Valley-Unatego’s Matt Bogdan in 51 seconds, then flattened Saugerties’ Gage Belnap in 50 seconds in the third-place match.

At 170 pounds, Meyers fell into the consolation bracket with a loss via first-period fall to Carthage’s Thomas Albright in the semifinals.

In the consolation semis, Meyers dropped a 9-0 major decision to Athens senior Alex West, but he bounced back in the fifth-place match with a 9-6 win over Oneonta’s Mateo Goodhue.

At 106 pounds, Connor Stotler, after losing to Chenango Forks Tyler Ferrara in the opening round Friday night, received a forfeit in the opening round of wrestlebacks, then edged Cobleskill-Richmondville’s Kyber Henry, 2-0, in the blood round.

In the consolation semifinals, Connor Stotler dropped a 9-5 decision to Athens junior Kyler Setzer. In the fifth-place match, Elmira’s Drew Arnold topped Connor Stotler, 9-2.

In other consolation bracket action:

At 113 pounds, Waverly freshman Mason Ham opened the day with a pin of Cobleskill-Richmondville’s John Oldorff in 2:53, but was eliminated by fall in the second round by BGAH’s Jose Bivar.

At 126 pounds, senior Rylan Laforest was eliminated in his first match, a 5-4 loss to BGAH’s Dylan Decker.

At 138 pounds, sophomore Cole Stanton lost via fall to Cooperstown’s Logan Kantor in his first bout of day.

At 160 pounds, sophomore Andrew Kimble lost via first-period fall to Cooperstown’s Henry Loeffler in his first bout of the day.

At 182 pounds, freshman Gage Tedesco was eliminated via fall by Saugerties’ Graeme Knisell in his first match of the morning.

At 285 pounds, senior Trent Skeens lost via fall to Susquehanna Valley’s Brian Titus in the opening round of wrestlebacks.

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January 3, 2020 Tim Birney

ONEONTA — Waverly advanced four into the semifinals, and is in seventh place here at the Oneonta Rotary Ross Kordell Tournament after Day 1 action Friday.

Senior Ethan Stotler, and juniors Austin Kimble and Trevor Meyers each went 2-0 to advance to the semis, while sophomore Garrett Skeens was 1-0 on the evening.

Freshmen Connor Stotler, Mason Ham, and Gage Tedesco, senior Rylan Laforest, sophomores Cole Stanton and Andrew Kimble, and senior Trent Skeens all went 0-1 Friday, but are still alive in wrestlebacks.

At 106 pounds, Connor Stotler received a bye into the quarterfinals, where he was pinned in the second period by Division I’s top-ranked 99-pounder Tyler Ferrara of Chenango Forks.

At 113 pounds, Ham was pinned in the first period by Athens standout Gavin Bradley.

At 126 pounds
, Laforest lost via 20-5 technical fall to Walton-Delhi ace Cody Merwin.

At 132 pounds, Garrett Skeens received a bye into the quarterfinals, where he won a hard-fought, 6-4, decision over Walton-Delhi’s Ty Robinson.

He will face Burnt Hills senior Sammy Lindberg in the semifinals.

At 138 pounds, Stanton lost via first-period fall to Cobleskill-Richmondville’s Greg Hotaling.

At 152 pounds, Austin Kimble trailed early, but caught Athens junior Zach Stafursky in a headlock for a fall at 3:27.

In the quarterfinals, Austin Kimble got off his back in the first period to win again by fall, with another headlock, over Unadilla Valley-Unatego’s Jacob Stevens in 2:36.

He will face Duanesburg-Schoharie junior Shayne Chiofalo.

At 160 pounds, Ethan Stotler pinned his way into the semifinals. He flattened Athens freshman Riley Hall in 32 seconds in the round-of-16.

In the quarterfinals, Stotler pinned Carthage’s Alec Strife in 3:41.

He will face Unadilla Valley-Unatego’s Jarrett Thayer in the semifinals.

Also at 160 pounds, sophomore Andrew Kimble received a bye into the quarterfinals, where he was pinned by Unadilla Valley-Unatego’s Travis Knapp at 1:59.

At 170 pounds, Meyers scored a pair of second-period pins on his way to the semifinals.

He pinned Oneonta’s Jaden Bellissimo in 3:27 in the opening round, then fought off his back to deck Saugerties’ Cesar Nobles-Ramirez in 3:03 in the quarterfinals.

He will face Carthage senior Thomas Albright in the semifinals.

At 182 pounds, Tedesco lost via technical fall at 5:43 to Section IV’s top-ranked 182-pounder, Mitchell Knapp of Susquehanna Valley.

At 285 pounds, Trent Skeens lost via first-period fall to BGAH’s Timmy James.

Wrestlebacks begin at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, with the quarterfinals scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.

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